The first GTM platformbuilt by product marketing experts.

We’ve launched over 200 products, and built GTM processes at some of the best companies in the world. Our advisors include GTM experts like Product Marketing Alliance and Ben Ling. With Ignition on your side, you’re in good hands.

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To launch every product to otherworldly success, through world-class strategic marketing.And to boldly go where no marketer has gone before.

  • Boldly go.

    The sky isn’t the limit – there’s footprints on the moon. We work together as a crew to think bigger, and execute better, in order to reach the stars.

  • Understand the alien.

    We approach customers, teammates, and problems with deep thought and empathy, because answers without context or understanding don’t suffice.

  • Small steps make giant leaps.

    We build thoughtfully, taking the right small steps before the leaps. And we celebrate failure, because the most important step is always the next one.

  • More than a number.

    Employees and customers are not numbers. They are friends, who we genuinely seek to empower, serve, and delight on a daily basis.

Our benefits

  • Integrity
  • Empathy
  • No assholes
  • Call your mom
  • Collaborate
  • Speak up
  • Be kind
  • Have fun
  • Crack a joke or two
  • Be proud of your work
  • Transparency

Meet TheLaunch Team

  • Derek Osgood avatar
    Derek Osgood

    Derek has spent over a decade leading and scaling marketing teams at rocket-fueled startups and brands like PlayStation, Rippling, and BBVA. When he’s not getting-to-market, he’s traveling or reading fantasy novels.

  • Karthik Suresh avatar
    Karthik Suresh

    Karthik is a technology product leader who’s led teams as founder, early hire, and executive at companies like Facebook,, and KCG holdings. When not building rockets, he loves travel and chasing his 1 year old.


Backed and advisedby a world-class crew

  • Max Altman
  • Ben Ling
  • Jack Altman
  • On Deck
  • Rich King
  • Hiten Shah
  • And executives from top companies

89% of product launches fail.

And failed launches are costly, time-consuming, and detrimental to the brand.

Many of those failures can be attributed to companies lacking a the process or know-how to build repeatable, high-quality Go-To-Market plans. But even with a good process, launches are still a clusterf*ck. They’re a mess of 100 stakeholders, documents, and tools. I’ve seen it at PlayStation, Rippling, and a dozen startups.

That’s why we built Ignition – to help Product Marketers avoid the pitfalls of shoddy launches.

We’re building the platform I always wanted as a Product Marketer. I’d love to hear what you think.

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