Build optimal GTM plans
in 10 minutes or less.

Plan documentation, tasks, and assets — all in one place — with instant planning recommendations that speed up planning, and automatically adjust to your launch’s unique characteristics.

Unified plan documentation

Centralize plans, tasks, assets, and collaboration.

Give cross-functional teams a single source of truth for critical launch information, so you don’t have to juggle a dozen tools, and never get asked “where’s that launch plan?” again.

Personalized playbooks

Instantly generate personalized launch plans based on top playbooks.

Stop using cookie-cutter planning templates. Ignition’s launch plans dynamically adjust based on launch tier, budget, GTM motion, and more.

Cascading recommendations

Never forget a to-do, timeline, or asset need again.

When you add a channel to your launch plan, Ignition automatically adds required assets and tasks to your plans. And when launch dates change, we’ll automatically shift your timelines.