Publish changelogs and prioritize feature ideas. 100% Free.

Prioritize your roadmap using customer feedback by letting users nominate, vote on, and discuss new features, then drive adoption by keeping customers informed with hosted changelog pages.

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Release notes pages

Give your launch announcements a branded, dedicated home.

Create branded release notes pages you can host on your website. Easily publish beautiful, rich updates to customers, or use internal changelogs to securely share with your team.

Product idea voting

Understand customer needs with feature voting.

Let users and internal teammates nominate, vote on, and discuss new product ideas. Make sure your roadmap is connected to real user insights and needs, and easily segment who needs what.

Internal idea management

Manage internal product ideas, and easily communicate status.

Prioritize and discuss feature ideas privately with your team, or push announcements to subscribed customers. When you’re ready to build, easily export them to your roadmap.

Embeddable widgets

Host changelogs in your product, with one line of code.

Easily embed your release notes in a branded widget inside your product, so you can communicate product updates to customers, right where they are.