Ignition’s Top 100
Emerging Product Leaders

In an ever-evolving landscape of new product launches, it takes a visionary and dedicated product leader to steer their offerings to success.
The following nominees have demonstrated their exceptional ability to bring novel products to the market and distinguish themselves from the competition.

Selection Criteria:

Since 2021, Ignition has been closely observing the launches of burgeoning companies. This includes tracking company announcements, product releases, and marketing campaigns through various data points, including website traffic, audience reach, unique selling points, and overall market impact.

The “Top 100 Product Leaders” awards aims to showcase the arduous efforts of creating and bringing a product to market without the backing of a well-established brand. Only product leaders of emerging companies are eligible for nomination.

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Anne Nielsen

Executive Director of Product Management

22 Months at JupiterOne


JupiterOne is the first cloud-native security platform with a graph data model that reveals the complex relationships between cyber assets, allowing for the creation and management of an entire security process, from policy creation to secure cloud infrastructure management, for quickly growing and evolving companies.

Alessandra Colaci

Head of Product Marketing

4 Months at SparkPlug


SparkPlug empowers frontline workers with fair compensation and economic equality through gamified commissions, contests, and goals, directly rewarding key influencers for every sale they generate, improving employee performance for retailers and driving more revenue for brands.

Adeel Najmi

Chief Product Officer

7 Months at SourceDay


SourceDay automates the change management process for purchase orders, reducing manual work and preventing late shipments, extra inventory, pricing discrepancies, and stock issues. This results in a more efficient and streamlined procurement process.

Reah Miyara

VP of Product

6 Months at Aporia


Aporia offers a full-stack and highly customizable ML observability platform that enables data science and ML engineering teams to monitor, debug, explain and improve their machine learning models and data, thus providing a complete solution for their needs.

Hardik Chheda

Chief Product Officer

12 Months at Tellius


Tellius is a decision intelligence company that provides a machine learning-powered platform for uncovering insights in data. With a team of experts in big data analytics and AI, Tellius serves multiple industries and departments

Noam Horenczyk

Head of Partnerships (Product & Business)

9 Months at Walnut


Walnut revolutionizes B2B sales processes by offering a codeless platform that personalizes demos, provides consistent storylines, collects valuable insights, saves time and resources, and integrates with leading CRMs to streamline the sales process while avoiding technical issues.

Oz Wasserman

Head of Product

14 Months at Reco


Spectrum Labs uses AI and community data to enhance the safety and value of the Internet. Its Trust & Safety platform reduces content moderation costs by 50% and increases the detection of harmful behaviors by 10 times, making it a valuable solution for businesses and society.

Sam Melnick

Head Of Product Marketing

14 Months at Postscript


Postscript is a powerful and easy-to-use SMS platform for Shopify stores, enabling the creation of campaigns and automations, driving new revenue with texts, gifs and more.

Gabe Novais

Head of Product

16 Months at Zip


Zip is a leading intake-to-procure solution that offers a single platform for employees to initiate purchases or vendor requests, improving visibility and employee experience, with no-code configuration and intelligent workflows across multiple teams for faster approval.

Tara Seshan

Head of Product

15 Months at Watershed


Watershed helps companies reduce their carbon footprint by providing real-time, audit-grade emissions data to measure, report and comply with regulations while creating business value and contributing to global climate impact.

Martin Felcman

VP of Product

15 Months at Deepnote


Deepnote streamlines the data analysis process by combining Jupyter compatibility with real-time collaboration in the cloud, allowing teams to work together seamlessly from exploration to presentation.

Michael Chang

Head of Product

15 Months at Thunkable


Thunkable is a no-code platform that enables users to build native mobile apps without coding, using a drag-and-drop interface and advanced editing capabilities. Thunkable is changing the app development game by making native development accessible to everyone.

Frederico Hakamine

Head of Technical Product Marketing

15 Months at ngrok


ngrok is a popular ingress-as-a-service trusted by over 5 million developers for its simplicity and security. With just one line of code, developers can quickly access services with authentication, observability and other critical controls, bypassing the need for legacy proxies, load balancers, or VPNs.

Ara Bilazarian

Head of Product Marketing

15 Months at Apollo.io


Apollo is an all-in-one sales intelligence platform offering tools for prospecting, engagement and revenue growth, helping sellers and marketers to discover new customers, connect with contacts, and establish a modern go-to-market strategy.

Robert Truesdell

VP of Products

16 Months at Pangea


Pangea is a product-led startup whose mission is to deliver a collection of security services and APIs specifically for application builders

Hila Segal

VP Product & Customer Marketing

16 Months at Observe.AI


Observe.AI is a live conversation intelligence platform designed to enhance the performance of contact centers. It leverages an accurate AI engine to extract insights from all customer interactions, providing real-time guidance to improve performance and drive outcomes such as increased sales and higher retention

Sean Sullivan

VP, Product

16 Months at Fairwords


Fairwords is an AI-powered communications protection software that trains employees in real-time as they type. Its aim is to promote inclusive and compliant business communications by providing in-the-moment feedback on potentially harmful language, with real-world examples and the power to change messages being entirely in the user's hands.

Sunil Masand

SVP, Product

16 Months at Aavenir


Aavenir's next-gen Source-to-Pay suite uses Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to improve procurement processes, reduce cycle time and provide best practice suggestions. The suite, powered by the ServiceNow platform, delivers unified digital workflows and improves productivity for enterprise customers worldwide.

Brad Crawford

Vice President of Product

17 Months at Phylum


Phylum provides automated software supply chain risk analysis to protect organizations and defend developers, analyzing open-source packages upon publication and integrating seamlessly into CI/CD systems to provide complete supply chain coverage and block dangerous or illegitimate packages.

Douglas McMaster

Vice President Of Product

17 Months at ComboCurve


ComboCurve is a cutting-edge energy analysis platform that combines forecasting, type curves, economics, mapping, modeling, and net zero planning into a single streamlined workflow. The platform enables energy companies to quickly auto-forecast thousands of wells and compare various economic scenarios, improving their forecasting, valuation, reporting, and decision-making processes.

Rachel Gavazzi

VP Product Management

17 Months at BANYAN


Banyan provides a seamless and secure platform for consumers to connect their receipts to apps and services of their choice, while merchants can monetize these connections, gain insights and marketing opportunities through the Banyan API. The platform operates with privacy-by-design, ensuring consumer consent before any receipt sharing.

Pallavi Pal

Director of Product

18 Months at Grata


Grata is a deal sourcing platform that provides comprehensive and up-to-date information on middle market companies, helping dealmakers find previously undiscoverable companies.

Teju Shyamsundar

Head Of Product Marketing

18 Months at Veza


Veza is an authorization platform for data in hybrid, multi-cloud environments, enabling organizations to manage and control access to their data for an identity-first approach to security. Trusted by global enterprises for securing their enterprise data.

John Macintyre

VP of Product

18 Months at RelationalAI


RelationalAI is developing the world's fastest and most comprehensive relational knowledge graph management system, utilizing a complete relational reasoning engine that learns and reasons from enterprise databases

Jessica Groff

VP of Product

18 Months at Funnel Leasing

Funnel Leasing

Funnel offers a simplified, connected platform for all renter-facing interactions, from inquiry to renewals, creating a consistent e-commerce apartment shopping experience for renters and leasing teams. It is more than a CRM and serves as a tool for business transformation.

Sean Smith

Head of Product

18 Months at Denim


Denim is a financial enablement platform that streamlines logistics financing operations with an ecosystem of intelligent financial products, tools, and automation. Its technology enables freight brokers to simplify their financing and easily access working capital, reducing daily payments and collections tasks by 75%. A remote-first company, Denim has been named a Best Place To Work and Best Workplace for Innovators.

Rohit Agarwalla

Head of Product

19 Months at StarTree


StarTree empowers decision-makers by providing fast, fresh, and actionable insights. We aim to unlock the potential of user-facing analytics by exposing timely information in intuitive apps that not only inform, but also allow users to act on the information being shared.

Derek Kohn

Head of Product, Founding Team

19 Months at Royal.io


Royal is a music ownership platform that leverages blockchain technology to allow artists to maintain control over their work, share it with fans, and access a new revenue stream, enabling them to build deeper connections with people invested in their music's success

Rich Mauser

Head Of Product Marketing

19 Months at Logix Board

Logix Board

Logixboard is a white-label customer experience software designed to improve sales and customer retention for logistics service providers, easily integrating with internal systems and launching in under three weeks with minimal effort

Landon Reese

VP Product

20 Months at PlexTrac


PlexTrac is a comprehensive cybersecurity platform that streamlines security data aggregation, reporting, collaboration and remediation tracking to help teams improve their security posture and become more proactive

Duane Newman

Vice President, Product Management

20 Months at Whistic


Whistic is a provider of vendor security solutions that helps companies build trust by publishing and evaluating security posture, with the Trust Catalog® containing nearly 15,000 company profiles for on-demand assessment, serving notable customers in various industries.

Ryan Bruss

Head of Product Growth

23 Months at Xembly


Xembly is an automated chief of staff that speeds up work by handling tasks that slow you down

Rich Matsuura

VP of Product

20 Months at Dispatch


Dispatch provides businesses with efficient last-mile delivery solutions by offering a network of independent contractor drivers and modern scheduling software for in-house vehicles, streamlining the delivery process and allowing businesses to focus on their core operations.

Alex Gruber

Vice President Of Product Management

20 Months at Carbyne


Carbyne is a leading provider of mission-critical contact center technologies, delivering rich data to emergency centers and enterprises via secure communication channels without a consumer app. Carbyne aims to redefine emergency collaboration and improve operations with live actionable data.

Manish Garg

SVP, Product and Technology

21 Months at EarnUp


EarnUp is a technology platform that optimizes the borrower experience by reducing risk, streamlining operations, and improving financial health for borrowers. Its award-winning platform delivers compassionate solutions to improve financial wellness.

Joseph Rettenmyer

VP of Product

22 Months at Quiq


Quiq is a leading technology company that enables conversational interactions between brands and their customers through messaging on various platforms including SMS, Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, and Google Business Messenger

Shannon Fitzpatrick

VP, Product

23 Months at Nayya


Nayya provides a benefits experience platform that utilizes data and machine learning to deliver personalized decision support and guidance for employees in areas such as open enrollment, new employee onboarding, and life events.

Cesare Rotundo

Vice President Of Product Management

23 Months at Enable


Enable is a rebate management platform that helps businesses increase growth by automating rebate processes and providing real-time data and insights, accurate forecasting and collaboration with suppliers/customers. With Enable, businesses can manage rebate complexity, track progress and use rebates as a growth strategy.

Tori Curtis

Head of Product Marketing

24 Months at A.team


A.Team is a members-only network of top talent in engineering, product management, design, and marketing that forms cloud-based teams to help growing companies accelerate product development.

Michael Bock

Co-Founder: Product & CTO

24 Months at Column Tax

Column Tax

Column Tax is committed to leveling the playing field in access to financial help by offering innovative tax solutions. The company aims to bridge the gap between high net worth individuals with professional support and the majority of Americans who lack financial or tax advice. Column Tax's API-first, year-round tax products aim to put an accountant in every person's pocket through integration with the financial apps people use daily.

Jieun Kim

VP of Product

25 Months at Talespin ✈️

Talespin ✈️

Talespin is building a spatial computing platform for talent development and skills mobility in the future of work. Their proprietary platform offers an end-to-end solution for creating, distributing, and measuring the impact of immersive learning content, enabling people to explore unique career paths that meet the needs of both businesses and individuals.

Christian Berg

Head Of Product Management, VP

25 Months at Skan.ai


Skan’s AI-Powered Process Intelligence Platform enables the modern enterprise to understand the telemetry of work in their organization.

Graham Keggi

Head of Product

25 Months at Inclined


Inclined is a fintech company that provides a technology platform aimed at improving long-term outcomes for whole life insurance policy holders. The company's mission is to enhance the value of whole life insurance investments and drive transformation in the industry through the use of modern technology

Lisa Zhu

VP of Product

25 Months at Bravado


Bravado is a platform that helps sales professionals achieve career success by offering job matching with quality sales organizations, educational resources, and the world's largest online community for sales professionals.

Husnain Bajwa

VP, Product Strategy

25 Months at Beyond Identity

Beyond Identity

Beyond Identity offers a secure, passwordless authentication platform for organizations seeking a tech-forward solution to identity management. The platform eliminates the need for passwords and offers a frictionless multi-factor login experience, revolutionizing the way the world logs in.

Josh Collins

Chief Product Officer

27 Months at Zartico


Zartico combines art and science to elevate the well-being of global communities by providing a full spectrum of data science, benchmarking, and analytical services for marketing, community development, and sustainability efforts.

Mike Davey

VP of Product

28 Months at Raptor Maps — Solar Software

Raptor Maps — Solar Software

Raptor Maps offers advanced analytics, insights, and productivity tools for the solar industry. Its services, including a digital twin of solar sites, aerial thermal inspections, data normalization, and mobile tools, help asset owners, managers, and financiers increase performance, reduce risk, and lift ROI

Joel Goldman

Founder + VP Product Management

28 Months at Black Crow AI

Black Crow AI

Black Crow AI is a company that leverages machine learning to improve profitability for companies of various sizes by unlocking hidden value in existing customer data for e-commerce brand growth.

Ryan Treichler

VP of Product Management

29 Months at Spectrum Labs

Spectrum Labs

Spectrum Labs uses AI and community data to enhance the safety and value of the Internet. Its Trust & Safety platform reduces content moderation costs by 50% and increases the detection of harmful behaviors by 10 times, making it a valuable solution for businesses and society.

Eva Wei

Director of Product Marketing (Head)

30 Months at OneSignal


OneSignal is a market-leading customer engagement solution that offers omnichannel messaging, delivering over 10 billion messages daily to 1 million businesses, with quick and reliable delivery, open API, extensive documentation, free accounts, and intuitive personalization and analytics tools.

Sean Lynch

Head of Product Marketing

31 Months at Superb AI

Superb AI

Superb AI is an end-to-end training data platform that automates data preparation at scale, making building and iterating on datasets quick, systematic, and repeatable, launched by a team of data scientists, academics, and ML engineers to revolutionize the way teams label, manage, curate, and deliver training data.

Eric Dodds

Head Of Product Marketing

31 Months at RudderStack


RudderStack is the leading open-source Customer Data Platform that provides data pipelines for easy collection of data from all applications, websites, and SaaS platforms, activating it in warehouses and business tools.

Will Broadlick

Vice President of Product

33 Months at Authvia


Authvia is revolutionizing commerce with their patented text-to-pay technology, delivering a secure, fast, and contactless payment option via text messaging and other applications. Their SaaS software, TXT2PAY®, seamlessly connects businesses, consumers, and payment processors to streamline payment processes and expedite cash flow.

Joseph Alim

VP Product & Operations

32 Months at Compt


Compt is a leading employee stipend platform that empowers employees with the freedom to choose their preferred lifestyle perks. The software, fully customizable to each company's needs, is IRS-compliant and supports global teams.

Tejas Ranade

VP of Product

33 Months at Kintent


Kintent's Trust Cloud is a comprehensive solution that simplifies security and compliance efforts by automating program management with APIs and AI, reducing manual work, and ensuring continuous compliance. It enables organizations to respond to security questionnaires with ease, share their security program with confidence, and complete certifications with ease.

Dan Nadir

Chief Product Officer

34 Months at Theta Lake

Theta Lake

Theta Lake provides patented compliance and security solutions for modern collaboration platforms, using AI to detect and surface regulatory, privacy, and security risks. Its product suite integrates with multiple platforms and enables organizations to expand their use of communication platforms safely and cost-effectively.

Renata Budko

Head of Product

35 Months at Traceable


Traceable provides a context-aware API security platform that identifies APIs, evaluates API risk posture, stops API attacks, and provides analytics for threat hunting and forensic research. The solution enables organizations to confidently discover, manage, and secure APIs, and quickly deploy and scale to meet ongoing needs.

Robert Adolph

Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder

36 Months at CIQ


CIQ is a technology company consisting of founders, innovators, and engineers who strive to assist customers and communities to achieve great things. They offer a range of services including escalation, development, infrastructure, cloud, and support to empower individuals and companies to focus on their strengths.

Daniel M

Founder and Head of Product

36 Months at Trustworthy


Trustworthy reimagines antiquated estate management into the Family Operating System®, an online service that helps modern families curate, manage and securely share their important information. With Trustworthy, families are delightfully organized and completely prepared for all of life's moments, now and across generations.

Evan Klein

Head Of Product Marketing

37 Months at Jellyfish


Jellyfish is an Engineering Management Platform that helps engineering leaders align engineering work with business goals by providing visibility into engineering organizations, their work, and operations through analysis of engineering signals and contextual business data.

Tania Siska

Founding Head of Product Experience

37 Months at Guidewheel


Guidewheel is a company that aims to improve the performance of factories globally through their plug-and-play FactoryOps platform. The platform utilizes a unique device that clips onto any machine to collect real-time data and transform it into a connected, actively learning system that helps factories reduce downtime, increase production, and continually improve performance

Aparna Dhinakaran

Founder - Chief Product Officer

37 Months at Arize AI

Arize AI

Arize AI provides a solution for machine learning practitioners to monitor and troubleshoot issues with their AI/ML models through its machine learning observability platform.

Alex Kotowitz

Chief Product Officer

39 Months at Enervee


Enervee provides a suite of SaaS products aimed at improving energy efficiency and promoting consumer engagement through innovative platform-oriented solutions for purchasing energy-using products.

Erich Kaiser

SVP Product & Operations

39 Months at Certemy


Certemy provides a Workforce Compliance Management software for companies with licensed and certified professionals. It helps track and manage employee licenses and certifications, reducing credential management costs, mitigating compliance risk, and optimizing staffing with its comprehensive tracking and managing functionality and unlimited configurability.

Joselyn Mujica

VP of Products

39 Months at ARTA


ARTA revolutionizes the post-purchase experience for high-value goods and collectibles, providing end-to-end global services and fulfillment technology to merchants, marketplaces and auction houses for seamless e-commerce acceleration.

John George

Chief Product Officer

42 Months at Formant


Formant, founded by a team of former Google, Savioke, and Redwood Robotics engineers and product managers, believes in unlocking the shared potential of humans and robots through more efficient cloud infrastructure

Michael Hunigan

VP of Product

40 Months at Capacity


Capacity is an AI-powered support automation platform that connects your entire tech stack to answer questions, automate repetitive support tasks, and assemble solutions to any business challenge.

Carol Medel

Interim Chief Product Officer

43 Months at iTrustCapital


iTrustCapital is a leading Crypto IRA platform in America, providing investors with the ability to invest in Crypto, Gold, and Silver assets within their Roth, SEP, and Traditional retirement accounts, and being named the best in the country

Arvind Krishnan

VP of Customer Experience & Product Implementation

43 Months at BuildOps


BuildOps is the only all-in-one management software built specifically for the modern commercial specialty contractor. Focusing on trade contractors, BuildOps combines service, project management, and more into a single SaaS platform.

Matthew Moore

Head of Product

45 Months at Synthesis AI

Synthesis AI

Synthesis AI pioneers in the development of synthetic data technology to build more capable and ethical AI.

Cristian Felix

VP of Product

45 Months at Accern


Accern empowers domain experts and business analysts to extract the most accurate insights from massive streams of unstructured data–including news, social media, industry reports and internal documents—with the Accern NoCodeNLP Platform™, within minutes.

Erin McFarlane

VP of Product Innovation

48 Months at Fairmarkit


Fairmarkit is a tail spend management solution that automates sourcing processes for procurement teams, reducing manual work and promoting competitive bidding for efficient cost savings. Adopted by leading organizations such as Snowflake and Refinitiv, it aims to revolutionize the way organizations make purchases.

Emily Rej

Head of Product Engineering

46 Months at Token


Token is a security company that provides passwordless, biometric, and multifactor authentication solutions to secure organizations against breaches, data loss, and malware. By delivering next-generation security, Token protects against social engineering and tampering.

Alex Mars

Cofounder & Chief Product Officer

49 Months at Twingate


Twingate provides secure online work through a simple, modern zero trust network, delivered as a cloud-based service for easy access and management of internal apps

Chris Comstock

Chief Product Officer

49 Months at Claravine


Claravine is a leader in the field of data integrity for global enterprises, offering a proactive approach to marketing measurement. Their platform, The Data Standards Cloud, is used by a quarter of the Fortune 100 to improve decision-making speed, increase agility, and drive higher ROI through the activation of data standards.

Jiani Zeng

Co-founder, Chief Product Officer

49 Months at Butlr


Butlr is a 100% anonymous people sensing and occupancy detection platform that helps enterprises improve workplace planning and optimize operations using body heat and advanced AI technologies without capturing any identities.

Tory Grenier

Vice President Of Product Management

51 Months at Anvyl


Anvyl simplifies supply chain collaboration by connecting global teams, systems, and suppliers, providing real-time access to critical information and improving visibility throughout the network.

Devin Blong

Head of Product

51 Months at Mashgin


Mashgin is revolutionizing the checkout experience with its cutting-edge 3D computer vision and deep learning-based checkout system, making the journey from purchase to departure effortless.

Arun Buckeye

Vice President and Head Of Product

53 Months at WorkSpan


WorkSpan is the #1 co-sell management network that helps companies grow their revenue by enabling secure collaboration between partnership and sales teams, exchanging co-sell referrals, managing pipeline, and tracking performance on a live dashboard.

Aaron Cheng

Vice President of Data Science Product/Solutions

54 Months at dotData


dotData is a leading AI/ML platform that enables organizations to improve their machine learning models and derive unbiased insights. Its award-winning technology streamlines the discovery process and allows for the deployment of transparent pipelines.

Daniel Bradshaw

CTO, VP Products & Engineering

55 Months at Airspace Link

Airspace Link

Airspace Link, Inc. offers the AirHub Platform, a cloud-based geospatial digital infrastructure that integrates the needs of state and local governments to plan, build, and manage their drone community, ensuring compliance with FAA rules and regulations and considering Drone Operator considerations. The company aims to promote safe integration of drones for the advancement of social equity, the environment, and the economy.

Brian Hinote

VP of Product Management, Title Production Systems

53 Months at Flueid


Flueid is an independent technology company that streamlines the rigid real estate process using data and insights. Its patented platform combines elements of insurtech, proptech, and fintech to unlock data and digitally advance real estate transactions, resulting in a secure, streamlined, and on-demand experience.

Lonnie Rosenbaum

Head of Product

57 Months at Healthie


Healthie provides a comprehensive platform for virtual-first healthcare companies to efficiently launch and expand their provider services. The company partners with digital health companies to modernize the healthcare experience and improve patient outcomes through streamlined operations and long-term client relationships

Eddie Thomas

Chief Technology and Product Officer

56 Months at Metropolis Technologies

Metropolis Technologies

Metropolis is revolutionizing the way people move through cities by connecting mobility, local businesses and payments through a modern mobility commerce infrastructure. With a focus on reducing friction and maximizing efficiency, Metropolis is helping people get from A to B with ease

Meghna Suresh

Founding Team & Head of Product

61 Months at Replicant


Replicant is a leader in Contact Center Automation that helps companies automate customer service calls with AI, enabling consumers to have natural, 24/7 conversations across voice, messaging and other digital channels to resolve their customer support issues

Chris Griffith

Chief Product Officer

61 Months at Balbix


Balbix offers a solution to reduce cyber risk by utilizing its Security Cloud platform to build a unified cyber risk model through ingesting data from security and IT tools. It provides actionable insights for risk reduction and quantifies cyber risk in dollars to aid in decision making.

Jacob Furnari

Co-Founder, Chief Product Officer

61 Months at Immerse


Immerse is a virtual world that is revolutionizing language education in the Metaverse. It delivers innovative value for both consumers and brands through its unique approach to language education

Farooq Khalid

SVP - Head of Products

62 Months at SKAEL


SKAEL is a digital workforce platform that enables companies to automate their processes across various applications, data sources and communication channels using a no-code approach. This allows for seamless engagement with users via email, text, voice or video.

Moo Kim

Chief Product Officer / Chief Technology Officer

61 Months at Nowsta


Nowsta is a technology company that blends financial wellness and workforce management, creating a platform that utilizes machine learning and payment technology to improve communication and payment processes between companies and their hourly employees

Nathan Rowe

Chief Product Officer

80 Months at Evident


Evident is a technology platform trusted by large organizations to safely collect, analyze and manage credentials for third-party partners, employees, franchisees and others, enabling fast and informed decisions without compromising privacy. The platform offers scalable and configurable solutions for credential management, communication, storage, decision-making and ongoing monitoring in today's remote-first and ever-changing regulatory environment.

Ross Pantone

Head of Product

66 Months at Rain


Rain is dedicated to building an artificial brain, harnessing the power of AI inspired by the brain to create the most important AI applications of the future

William Sankey

CEO and Head of Product, Co-Founder

69 Months at Northspyre


Northspyre is a cloud-based platform that utilizes automation, data analytics, and proactive insights to provide real estate professionals with intelligence for better and faster decision-making on development, capital, and asset projects

Vivek Malipatil

Chief Product & Operations Officer, Co-founder

73 Months at Motorq


Motorq is a cloud-based connected car data and analytics platform that delivers business intelligence to its customers. Its advanced machine learning and AI capabilities make sense of vast amounts of data streams to help customers make informed decisions

Tuan Ho

Chief Product Officer

69 Months at Raydiant


Raydiant is the leading in-location experience management platform, trusted by world-class brands in retail, e-commerce, and restaurants, to create personalized and engaging experiences that drive revenue growth. Its cloud-based solution enables easy creation, management, and scaling of on-screen experiences, saving time, resources, and effort for clients across 1 to 100,000 locations.

John Tippett

Co-Founder & Head of Product

65 Months at SeekOut


SeekOut is a comprehensive talent management platform that provides organizations with a 360-degree view of their internal employees and external talent. With analytics, predictive insights, and action recommendations, SeekOut helps companies gain a competitive advantage in recruiting, retaining, and developing their talent base

Christopher Calmeyn

Co-Founder, Chief Product Officer

121 Months at Fetcher


Fetcher is a company dedicated to making it easy for organizations to find the right person for the right job. It helps high-growth companies match candidates to jobs based on their talents, interests, and experience, with the belief that when the right person is in the right role, magic occurs.

Om Mahida

VP of Product

75 Months at MedCrypt


MedCrypt offers a data security solution to medical device manufacturers, protecting devices such as medical imaging and implantable pacemakers by ensuring they only act on instructions from trusted sources.

Fred Kunda

Cofounder / Chief Product Officer

86 Months at PINATA


PINATA is an enterprise SaaS platform that offers systematic task management, helping teams optimize workflows and improve ROI from everyday operations. It transforms the way work gets done at scale and is used by companies ranging from startups to Fortune 100s

Jon Loyens

Chief Product Officer and Cofounder

85 Months at data.world


Data.world offers a cloud-native data catalog solution to provide businesses with clear, accurate, and fast answers to their questions. By mapping siloed, distributed data to consistent business concepts, data.world creates a unified body of knowledge that can be easily understood and used by anyone.

Art Mostofi

VP of Products

97 Months at GridX


GridX is a company that works with energy providers to assist in their transition to clean energy by using its Enterprise Rate Platform. This platform helps with the development of new products, streamlined billing and settlement processes, and increased customer engagement, leading to the widespread adoption of clean energy programs. Its platform is utilized by prominent energy providers and serves over 19 million homes and businesses