Analyze insights with AI & share roadmaps.

Research and build great products with one source of truth for Product, filled with AI-powered workflows for research. Then, ensure distribution with easy handoffs to GTM teams.

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“Ignition pays for itself in anxiety meds alone!”

Sandi, Dir. PMM @ Lumos

User research and stakeholder alignment is distracting from your build process.

Analyzing user feedback
takes hours.

Collecting feedback is hard enough, but analyzing mountains of qualitative data takes weeks to extract useful insight.

Communicating roadmaps means endless emails.

Keeping everyone on the same page about what's being built keeps you buried in emails, meetings, and Slack messages.

Messy handoffs to GTM teams hurt adoption.

If you want adoption, it's not enough to just build a great product, you also need to enable your GTM teams to sell it.

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Use AI to power more customer-centric roadmapping

Analyze insights with AI

Use AI analysis to instantly surface key themes from customer conversations, common feature requests, areas for improvement, and overall sentiment analysis.

"Ignition has been like a divine intervention!"

Dir. Product @ StoneEagle

Align roadmap prioritization
and revenue opportunity

Quantify product’s impact on revenue by auto-mapping CRM deal data to roadmap items, allowing you to prioritize with a clear view of potential business impact, user needs, and internal value.

"Our whole process has become much faster, more organized, and more repeatable."

PMM @ Mercatus

Easily collect feature ideas

Use public feature voting boards to collect and prioritize product ideas using real customer feedback. Or import insights from live customer conversations.

"It makes it so easy to quickly get to the insights that make a difference."

PMM @ Carnow


One platform to manage the entire product lifecycle, from build to launch.

Competitive intel

Competitive intelligence to accelerate sales pipeline and inform product development.

Customer research

Analyze and extract customer feedback then translate it into product & marketing ideas.

Product Management

Manage your research, ideas, roadmaps, and reporting for products and portfolios.


Unify your launch process, enable stakeholders, and create go-to-market plans.

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"Ignition is building a gold standard in go-to-market"
"Our whole sales team loves the insights they're getting from Ignition"
Product Marketing @ Mercatus
"Ignition tracks all the important things I need to know about competitors."
CEO @ Screenspace
"Ignition pays for itself in anxiety meds alone!"
Dir. Product Marketing @ Lumos
“Ignition’s made it dead-simple to align PM<>PMM and allowed us to create a scalable end-to-end GTM process for products, features, and campaigns.”
VP Product Marketing @ Kajabi
"Ignition has been like a divine intervention!"
Dir. Product @ StoneEagle
"Ignition has quickly become the centerpiece for driving alignment between product and product marketing.”
Dir. Product Marketing @ MRI Software