With Ignition, every launch is the perfect launch.

Turn your Go-to-Market process
into a competitive advantage.

81% of CMOs agree the launch
process is “make or break” for
long-term product success.

Great launches drive revenue and retention, shape customer perception, and rally internal team morale.

Yet ineffective launches
are hurting your bottom line.

Launches gone wrong leave revenue on the table, confuse customers, and frustrate internal teams, all while creating costly inefficiencies.

Sales teams use inconsistent messaging 💬

Announcements never reach customers 🔊

Hours and hours are spent on coordination ⏳

The problem isn’t the product,
it’s your process.

Hacking the launch process together ad-hoc reduces your team’s ability to execute effectively, and apply learnings to future launches.

Your process lacks repeatability

There’s no cross-functional visibility 👀

Measuring launch success is fuzzy at best 😵

It all boils down to communication
and internal alignment.

How can you get the right information to the teams that need it, so they can tell your story to customers?

The wrong tools silo information,
and damage repeatability.

Your jumble of spreadsheets, docs, project management tools, and folders isn’t helping.

Critical context is siloed and hard to find 🔎

There’s no automation or tools to aid planning 📅

Not purpose-built, creating brittle process 💔

There’s a better way.

One unified source of truth, built for GTM, which automates every step of launch.

The logo of Ignition

Why do I need one more tool?

With Ignition, you can communicate more strategically, connect the “what” to the “why”, and automate more of your workflow. But while Ignition can replace many tools, it also integrates with all the critical tools across Product, Marketing, and Sales — enabling a true cross-functional source of truth.

Repeatable process & planning
Insights-driven launch planning
Internal alignment & communication
Customer communication
Launch measurement & learnings

The new way

Unified source of truth with process automation that adapts to each launch
Research tools infuse insights into every plan and give critical context
Easily share plans at different altitudes, and “push” relevant info to stakeholders’ inboxes
Easily publish updates to customers with public release notes
Integrated measurement ties every launch to business impact, and retrospectives make ongoing process improvement easy.

The old way
(docs, project management, and point solutions)

Fragmented, ad-hoc and manual, with one-size-fits-all templates
Research work is done elsewhere, and disconnected from planning
Silo information and force all-or-nothing info sharing (or highly manual status updates)
Force copy/paste to other tools to communicate with customers
No tools to measure launch impact, and “fire and forget” launches result in process stagnation as learnings aren’t applied.