KPIs for Marketing

KPIs for Marketing: Snapchat snaps views

Learn how to measure the success of your Snapchat marketing strategy with our guide on KPIs for Marketing.

Snapchat has become an increasingly popular social media platform that companies can use to market their products and services. However, just posting content on Snapchat isn't enough. How do you know if your Snapchat marketing efforts are paying off? That's where key performance indicators (KPIs) come in. In this article, we'll discuss the importance of KPIs for marketing success and the specific KPIs you should be measuring on Snapchat.

Understanding KPIs in Marketing

Before we dive into Snapchat-specific KPIs, let's first define what a KPI is and why it's important for your marketing efforts. A KPI is a metric used to measure the performance of a specific goal. In marketing, KPIs can be used to measure the success of campaigns, social media platforms, and other marketing initiatives. By tracking KPIs, businesses can get an accurate picture of how their marketing efforts are performing and make necessary adjustments if needed.

When it comes to KPIs, it's important to understand that they can vary depending on the goal of your marketing campaign. For example, if you're running a social media campaign, KPIs could include engagement rate, reach, and click-through rate. If your goal is to increase sales, you might track conversion rate, revenue, and customer retention rate. By choosing the right KPIs for your specific marketing campaign, you can ensure that you're measuring the metrics that matter most.

Why are KPIs important for marketing success?

KPIs are essential for measuring the success of your marketing campaigns. Without measuring KPIs, you won't know if your marketing efforts are working or not. By tracking KPIs, you can make data-driven decisions about how to improve your marketing campaigns. KPIs can also help you identify areas of improvement and measure the return on investment (ROI) of your marketing initiatives.

For example, let's say you're running a Facebook ad campaign to promote a new product. By tracking KPIs such as click-through rate and conversion rate, you can see how many people are clicking on your ad and how many are actually purchasing the product. If your conversion rate is low, you can adjust your ad copy or targeting to try and improve it. Without tracking KPIs, you wouldn't know that your ad was underperforming and wouldn't be able to make the necessary changes to improve it.

Another benefit of tracking KPIs is that it allows you to compare the performance of different marketing campaigns or platforms. For example, you might be running a Facebook ad campaign and a Google AdWords campaign at the same time. By tracking KPIs such as cost per click and conversion rate for each campaign, you can see which one is performing better and adjust your budget accordingly.

In conclusion, KPIs are an essential part of any marketing campaign. By tracking the right metrics, you can measure the success of your marketing initiatives, make data-driven decisions, and continually improve your campaigns over time.

Snapchat as a Marketing Platform

Now that we've covered the importance of KPIs in marketing, let's delve into how Snapchat fits into your marketing strategy.

Overview of Snapchat

Snapchat is a social media platform that allows users to share photos and videos that disappear after a certain amount of time. The app was launched in 2011 and has since grown in popularity, especially among younger generations. As of 2021, Snapchat has more than 280 million active users worldwide, making it a popular platform for companies to market their products and services.

One of the unique features of Snapchat is the use of filters and lenses, which allow users to add fun and creative elements to their photos and videos. This feature has made Snapchat a favorite among users, as it allows them to express themselves in a unique way.

Benefits of using Snapchat for marketing

One of the biggest benefits of using Snapchat for marketing is that it allows you to reach a younger demographic. According to a survey by eMarketer, more than 90% of Snapchat users in the US are between the ages of 13 and 34. This age group is notoriously difficult to reach through traditional advertising methods, making Snapchat an attractive option for companies looking to connect with this audience.

In addition, Snapchat offers a unique opportunity for companies to showcase their personality and connect with their audience in a more personal way. Because of the ephemeral nature of Snapchat, companies are able to create content that feels more authentic and less polished than traditional advertising. This can help to build trust and loyalty among consumers.

Another benefit of using Snapchat for marketing is the ability to create sponsored lenses and filters. These branded filters and lenses can be used by Snapchat users, allowing companies to reach a wider audience and increase brand awareness. This type of advertising can be especially effective for companies looking to promote a new product or service.

Overall, Snapchat can be a valuable addition to your marketing strategy, especially if you're looking to reach a younger demographic and connect with your audience in a more personal way. By taking advantage of the unique features of the platform, you can create engaging content that resonates with your target audience and helps to build brand awareness and loyalty.

When it comes to Snapchat marketing, it's important to keep track of several key performance indicators (KPIs) to ensure that your efforts are effective. In addition to the KPIs mentioned above, there are a few other metrics that can provide valuable insights.One important metric to consider is the average time spent viewing your snaps. This can give you an idea of how captivating your content is and how long your audience is willing to engage with it. You can also track the number of followers you have on Snapchat and how quickly that number is growing over time. This can help you gauge the overall reach of your marketing efforts on the platform.Another KPI to keep in mind is the number of shares your snaps receive. When users share your snaps with their own followers, it can help increase your brand's visibility and reach. You can also track the number of comments your snaps receive, which can provide valuable feedback and insights into what your audience is interested in.Finally, it's important to consider the overall ROI of your Snapchat marketing efforts. This can be a bit more difficult to measure than some of the other KPIs mentioned, but it's important to track things like sales, leads, and overall revenue generated from your Snapchat campaigns. By keeping an eye on these metrics, you can ensure that your marketing efforts are not only engaging and effective, but also driving tangible business results.

How to Measure Snapchat Snaps Views

Measuring snaps views is an essential KPI for Snapchat marketing. So, how do you track snap views effectively? Here are some tips:

Using Snapchat Insights

Snapchat offers its own analytics tool, Snapchat Insights, which can help you track your snaps views and other important KPIs. Snapchat Insights provides metrics on the performance of your snaps and can give you a better idea of what's resonating with your audience.

With Snapchat Insights, you can track the number of views, reach, engagement, and completion rates for each snap. You can also view data on your audience demographics, such as age, gender, and location. This information can help you tailor your content to your audience and improve your Snapchat marketing strategy.

Third-party analytics tools

In addition to Snapchat Insights, there are several third-party analytics tools that businesses can use to track KPIs on Snapchat. Some popular analytics tools include Hootsuite, Sprout Social, and Metricool.

These tools offer more advanced features than Snapchat Insights, such as social listening, competitor analysis, and campaign tracking. They can also provide insights on other social media platforms, allowing you to track your overall social media performance.

Tips for tracking snaps views effectively

To ensure you're measuring snaps views effectively, make sure you're consistently posting high-quality content, monitoring your audience engagement, and testing new content to see what resonates the most with your audience.

It's important to keep your content fresh and engaging to keep your audience interested. Consider using different types of snaps, such as behind-the-scenes footage, product demos, or influencer takeovers. You can also use Snapchat's filters, lenses, and stickers to make your snaps more visually appealing.

Finally, make sure you're tracking your performance over time and adjusting your strategy as needed. By consistently monitoring your snaps views and other KPIs, you can optimize your Snapchat marketing efforts and reach your target audience more effectively.


Snapchat is a valuable marketing platform for businesses to reach a younger demographic. By tracking KPIs such as snap views, engagement rate, screenshots, completion rate, and conversion rate, businesses can measure the success of their Snapchat marketing efforts. Using tools like Snapchat Insights and third-party analytics tools can help businesses effectively track KPIs and make data-driven decisions on how to improve their marketing campaigns.