Collect, curate, and monitor
critical market insights.

From pricing surveys, to message tests, to continuous competitive monitoring use Ignition’s suite of research tools to conduct research, and understand your market.

Competitive battlecards

Continuously monitor competitive intelligence.

Arm your sales team with critical competitive insights with instant smart battlecards that automatically track competitors’ growth, teams, and news.

Pricing & packaging surveys

Optimize pricing, and unlock 30% more revenue.

Send best practice-based pricing and packaging surveys to customers — from conjoint for bundling, to van westendorp for price points.

Message testing & brand surveys

Hone messaging, and understand brand resonance.

Test creative concepts, messages, or assets. Then, collect critical insights into key brand metrics like NPS, awareness, and purchase intent.

Insights hub

Organize customer insights and testimonials by persona.

Build personas like the pros, and aggregate key learnings and testimonials in one source of truth. All taggable by product line, persona, and more.