Feed Gong transcripts into Ignition to do customer research with AI

Ignition connects with Gong to feed transcripts of customer conversations into Ignition’s AI-powered tools. Ignition will automatically identify and summarize the transcripts into key themes and insights from customers. Product & marketing teams use these insights to inform what to build, message, and launch.

To get started, you can install Gong on our Integrations page.

Integrate with Gong

Understand the voice of the customer with AI

Use AI analysis to surface key themes from customer conversations, common feature requests, areas for improvement, and overall sentiment analysis.

Automatically identify deal-blocking feature gaps

Instantly analyze customer conversations with AI, automatically identifying and categorizing the feature gaps blocking deals and adding them to your idea backlog.

Power your go-to-market process

Capture valuable marketing insights that fuel your go-to-market process like key value drivers, “in their words” common terms, and top confusion points & complaints.