Communicate the true value
of your launches

With Ignition's Launch Measurements app, you'll have everything you need to track performance, conduct retrospectives, and surface key metrics that demonstrate the impact of your launches.

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Evaluate Effectiveness

Plan documentation, tasks, and assets — all in one place — with instant planning recommendations that speed up planning, and automatically adjust to your launch’s unique characteristics.

Track real business impact

Set the time period you want to track and Ignition will surface key metrics from your analytics tools that significantly moved up or down.

Marry performance to drivers

Easily see what drove key metric performance by overlaying KPI trends with key dates and milestones from your launches.

Gather Around & Review Performance

Track KPI performance and embed key data with our measurement dashboards.

Integrate with CRMs, CDPs, and Analytics Tools

Integrate with your existing CRMs, CDPs, and analytics tools to track key metric performance in one place.

Conduct Cross-Team Retrospectives

Instantly collect internal feedback on how the launch went with our retrospective feature.

Track OKR Progress

Track OKR progress within each launch and understand how your launches are performing against their key results overall, giving you a clear view of the impact of PMM as a function.