Prove the impact
of your feature launches.

Track OKR performance, conduct retrospectives, and instantly surface impacted metrics, to clearly demonstrate your impact and optimize process

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Launch impact is hard to measure.

Aggregating metrics for reporting is a pain.

Launches touch so many things – you need to jump between analytics tools, CRMs, and more to create a central view of what happened.

Separating signal from noise takes deep analysis.

It can be hard to separate signal from noise and identify what metrics actually moved, and by how much, after a launch.

Processes without takeaways
never improve.

Without a way to repeatably debrief launches, your process stagnates and never improves based on real learnings.

Why a dedicated GTM tool?

Mission Control for Launch Performance

Create a central view of launch impact across product, sales, and marketing metrics. Track progress against OKRs. And retrospective launch processes to continuously optimize process.

Evaluate launch effectiveness

Measure your launches' performance across qualitative and quantitative metrics with retrospectives, OKR management, and automated business intelligence.

See what happened, why

Easily see what drove metrics up or down by overlaying KPI trends with key milestones from your launches. Ignition will even surface metrics that moved automatically.

"Ignition made me look like a genius in front of our founders!"


PMM @ Linc Learning

Manage OKR performance

Track OKR progress within each launch and understand how your launches are performing against their key results overall, giving you a clear view of the impact of PMM as a function.

"I pulled our OKRs together in no time."

Quote author "Rich"


Sr. PMM @ Xara

Optimize process with centralized data

Track KPI performance and embed key data with our measurement dashboards.

Integrate with CRMs and analytics tools

Integrate with your existing CRMs, CDPs, and analytics tools to track performance across revenue and product metrics in one place.

Run cross-team retrospectives

Instantly collect internal feedback on how the launch went with simple, effective retrospective surveys.

Instantly generate dashboards for each launch

Set favorite metrics at the company level, to instantly generate fully-functional dashboards for every launch which measure the key metrics your company cares about.