Announce updates in your product, website, or slack.
For free.

Make sure customers, and internal audiences, never miss a beat, with hosted release notes pages, embeddable changelog widgets, and automated internal status updates.

Release notes pages

Give your launch announcements a branded, dedicated home.

Create branded release notes pages you can host on your website. Easily publish beautiful, rich updates to customers, or use internal changelogs to securely share with your team.

Embeddable widgets

Host changelogs in your product, with one line of code.

Easily embed your release notes in a branded widget inside your product, so you can communicate product updates to customers, right where they are.

Automated status updates

Automate personalized
cross-functional updates.

Execs need one set of info, and Sales needs another? Share just the parts of your plan that matter, with modular updates. Make them recur and never write a weekly status email again.

Slack, email, and doc integration

Push plans to teammates,
don’t make them come to you.

Deep integrations with slack, email, and documentation tools like Confluence mean your stakeholders don’t need to come to Ignition — you can push your updates right to their inbox or docs.