Automatic & affordable
competitive intel.

News, SEO, reviews, and more – at your fingertips, to help you win more deals. Actionable competitive intelligence and customer insights built for Product Marketing and Product teams.

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By the time you've done research,
it's already outdated.

Competitors are
always evolving.

You need actionable competitive insights in order to sell, but by the time you've done your research, it's already outdated.

Turning data into useful insight takes time.

Analyzing large-scale qualitative data from reviews, customer calls, and customer conversations takes too long.

You're too busy to do
customer interviews.

How do you find time to collect customer research when you're buried under 10,000 things to do?

Why a dedicated GTM tool?

Your all-in-one research hub

One platform to automatically collect and analyze competitive and customer research – and then seamlessly connect that context to planning.

Power competitive intelligence with AI

Track key competitive signals like news, reviews, SEO data, and more – automatically. Evaluate win/loss performance. Then push insights directly to Sales in the places they're selling.

Build battlecards instantly

Instantly generate competitive battlecards with key data like revenue, recent news, review scores, and SEO data. AI analysis even surfaces key insights in seconds.

"Ignition tracks all the important things I need to know about competitors."


CEO @ Screenspace

Evaluate win/loss

Assess and analyze performance in competitive deals – import Win/Loss data from your CRM and instantly analyze key drivers for why you're winning or losing deals.

"Our whole sales team loves the insights they're getting from Ignition"


PMM @ Carnow

Collect user research

Gain valuable market insights with integrated research studies, including pricing research, persona research, and brand research surveys.

Analyze insights with AI

Import customer conversations from tools like Intercom and Zendesk, then use AI to instantly analyze surface key messaging insights.