Use the “share” or “send for review” actions from launch plans, to send messages via Slack.
By default, messages will send either via DM or the Ignition slackbot, but you’ll also have the option to send certain messages to a channel instead.

If you choose “send as myself”, the message will send from your account, to increase the likelihood your audience pays attention to it. If your recipients don’t have a Slack account connected, we’ll send to their email instead.

Integrate with Slack

Stakeholder updates

Share briefings, weekly status updates, and more.

Update stakeholders via Slack DMs, or by publishing to Slack channels. Updates can even be scheduled to recur, so all those pesky stakeholder updates are a thing of the past.

Modular updates

Share just what's relevant, with the stakeholders who care.

Treat each launch plan component – from positioning, to status, to individual assets, as modular elements in your updates. So each stakeholder gets just the info relevant to them.