Share product & go-to-market updates with Ignition and Slack

One of the biggest challenges of any go-to-market plan is keeping your internal stakeholders informed. What happens if there’s a delay in your launch date? Your team needs to know!

With Ignition’s integration to Slack, it’s easy to send go-to-market updates. Our update templates allow you to pick and choose which information to share without spending hours drafting the message. You can send updates to an individual person or select a #channel in Slack. Updates can be sent manually or schedule to repeat on a cadence of your choice.

To get started, you can install Slack on our Integrations page.

Integrate with Slack

Stakeholder updates

Share briefings, weekly status updates, and more.

Update stakeholders via Slack DMs, or by publishing to Slack channels. Updates can even be scheduled to recur, so all those pesky stakeholder updates are a thing of the past.

Modular updates

Share just what's relevant, with the stakeholders who care.

Treat each launch plan component – from positioning, to status, to individual assets, as modular elements in your updates. So each stakeholder gets just the info relevant to them.