Ignition vs. Productboard

Ignition's features, pricing, and support make it the #1 Productboard alternative for product teams teams that want to go beyond roadmap tools.

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“Ignition pays for itself in anxiety meds alone!”

Sandi, Dir. PMM @ Lumos

Why use Ignition & Productboard?

Now you can be confident that what you're building will have direct impact on revenue. Ignition will do the heavy lifting by analyzing CRM data and customer conversations with AI. We'll automatically identify and categorize the feature gaps blocking deals then share them to Productboard. Your sales team will love you.

Automatically identify
deal-blocking feature gaps.

Instantly analyze CRM data and customer conversations with AI, automatically identifying and categorizing the feature gaps blocking deals and adding them to your idea backlog in Productboard.

Easily align roadmap prioritization and revenue opportunity.

Quantify product’s impact on revenue by auto-mapping CRM deal data to roadmap items, allowing you to prioritize with a clear view of potential business impact, user needs, and internal value.

Empower sales teams to close deals without lifting a finger.

Automatically notify Sales deal owners when features ship. Targeted alerts help reps act quickly to unblock stalled deals, capture upsell opportunities, and close pipeline.

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"Ignition has quickly become the centerpiece for driving alignment between product and product marketing.”
Dir. Product Marketing @ MRI Software
"Ignition is building a gold standard in go-to-market"
"Our whole sales team loves the insights they're getting from Ignition"
Product Marketing @ Mercatus
"Ignition tracks all the important things I need to know about competitors."
CEO @ Screenspace
"Ignition pays for itself in anxiety meds alone!"
Dir. Product Marketing @ Lumos
“Ignition’s made it dead-simple to align PM<>PMM and allowed us to create a scalable end-to-end GTM process for products, features, and campaigns.”
VP Product Marketing @ Kajabi
"Ignition has been like a divine intervention!"
Dir. Product @ StoneEagle