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Introducing Revenue-Based Roadmapping

Introducing Ignition's newest AI tools for aligning roadmaps to revenue and ensuring everything you build drives revenue.

In today’s economic environment, companies are under more pressure than ever to retain customers and grow by expanding those existing accounts. Driving Net Revenue Retention (NRR) means maximizing the impact of every new thing you build, and ensuring tight alignment between Product and GTM teams. But that’s harder than ever in a world where everyone is getting asked to do more with less...

Product teams in particular are under pressure to tangibly translate their efforts into revenue and prove their impact. This means that now more than ever, they need to be closer to Sales and deeply understand which products and features are likely to translate to won deals, cross-sell, and upsell. They also need to be more on top of where their products may be falling flat, and hurting retention.

But understanding WHAT to build is only half the battle. Too often Product teams (and their tools) entirely forget about the importance of effective Go-to-Market for the things they’ve built. Features get shipped and Sales never gets notified. Products get launched, with minimal GTM planning. These lead to missed upsell and cross-sell opportunities, which combined with shrinking pipelines leave their CEOs Slacking them at 1am...

The Product Team Struggle - Everything, Everywhere, All at Once

This increased pressure comes at a time when Product teams are already wrestling with massive data fragmentation and siloing of planning workflows. Customer insights, roadmaps, plans, sales data... It’s everywhere.

Pulling all those threads together manually creates significant challenges, which when combined with the negative risks of missing actually critical feature requests, making the wrong product decisions, and not ensuring the people who want it most hear about it — these problems cost millions in lost deals, and jeopardize your current customer revenue too.

To add fuel to this fire, today’s roadmapping solutions are still siloed mostly as Engineering-management tools, with no eye towards GTM/distribution.  They also still require almost 100% manual processes to manage customer insights, prioritization, and timely sales notifications, leading to more misalignment, and fragmented processes. There must be a better way.

Introducing Revenue-Based Roadmapping

Product teams.... you are go for launch! And Ignition is excited to introduce in 3.. 2.. 1.. the first AI roadmapping suite that automatically ensures every product built and launched drives new and recurring revenue. 🚀

At Ignition, we’re enabling businesses to win deals and retain customer revenue by instantly aligning Product with Sales teams. So together, they can Identify deal-blocking feature gaps, prioritize based on revenue opportunity, and close the loop back to sales, automatically, all in one place.

With Ignition’s AI Roadmapping you’ll be able to directly connect your roadmaps to revenue, and...

🔍 Identify critical feature gaps

Analyze CRM data and customer conversations with AI, automatically identifying and categorizing the feature gaps blocking deals and adding them to your idea backlog.

Product Hunt_1270x760-1.png

💰 Align roadmaps to revenue

Auto-map CRM deal data to roadmap items, allowing you to prioritize with a clear view of potential revenue impact, user needs, and internal value.

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📣 Close the Sales loop

Automatically notify Sales deal owners when products ship so reps can act quickly to unblock stalled deals, capture upsell opportunities, and retain revenue.

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The Ignition Advantage - AI & Automation

While other roadmapping solutions simple move data from one place to another, Ignition’s AI actually extracts the essential customer insights and revenue potential from third-party CRM systems, and support tools, aggregating it with existing data in your Mission Control.

Additionally, Ignition's AI automates the process of synthesizing valuable insights from numerous customer interactions, offering a unified perspective to efficiently prioritize feature gaps based on both customer demand and potential revenue.

Last but definitely not least, Ignition’s AI is built for real-time work, so you can stay productive and avoid unnecessary context switching. With Ignition, as new insights and information become available, insight summaries update automatically, carrying forward critical context to product roadmaps, go-to-market plans, and user research.

What’s next for AI Roadmapping

While the possibilities for Ignition’s AI are far-reaching based on Ignition’s own customer insights, the next critical focus will fall into two general areas, conversational sales enablement, and one-click roadmapping.

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