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The Product Marketing Alliance 2023 State of Go-to-Market Report

This year's report is chock-full of insights from hundreds of top PMMs into what makes a great GTM engine go.

The 2023 State of Go-to-Market Report from Product Marketing Alliance is here.  

In this 86-page report (sponsored by Ignition), you'll find insights from hundreds of top GTM Leaders from great companies like Microsoft, Slack, and SugarCRM.  With the gems included here you can quickly understand key GTM principles, gain critical knowledge for managing future launch processes, and uncover what differentiates good GTM processes from great ones.

Get your (free) copy here.

In this deep-dive into Go-to-Market essentials, you'll learn:

🚀 Go-to-Market insights that’ll fine-tune your internal launch process

🤝 Advice that’ll improve relationships with key stakeholders

🛠 Recommended tools that’ll help you streamline your launches

💡 Invaluable tips that’ll help you improve your launches and generate more revenue

Plus much more… 😉

A few of our favorite stats that you won't find in the report…

As sponsors though, we got a special sneak peek into the anonymized data, and found a few extra-interesting nuggets: 👇

  • Companies with a defined launch process saw 10% higher “launch success rates" on average (63% vs. 53%) and had 3x higher median revenue growth rates (35% vs. 9%)
  • Companies that rated their GTM Process Maturity as high (7-10) saw 26% higher “launch success rates" (77% vs. 51%).
  • 59% believe their company is underinvesting in launches and these folks saw 10% worse “launch success rates" (59.5% vs. 50%)
  • The average PMM is launching 10-16 things per year, spending 50+ hours on each launch, and working with 10+ stakeholders on each launch.
  • 61.9% of PMMs said they always put together a strategy when taking products to market. Yet only 33.3% said they have a defined GTM process which is consistently implemented.
  • 79.5% of companies reported launches had a significant impact on revenue.

There's a whole lot more where that came from though, so check out the report for more. And if you need help solving all those problems we outlined above, sign up for Ignition today!