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25 Best Product Management Podcasts PMs Should Know About

Discover 25 of the best product management podcasts for inside tips, expert advice, and real-life product playbooks to put into action right away.

Let’s be super honest here:

In 2024, finding a podcast is not exactly tough.

Every man and his dog has a podcast on Spotify, blabbering on for two hours about their favorite jiu-jitsu move (interspersed with ad spots for

What’s tough is finding a good podcast.

And this is especially true in product management, where real-life advice and expertise matter.

That’s why in this article, we’ve pulled together 25 of the top product management podcasts — plus seven standout episodes featuring our very own CEO, Derek Osgood — that we’d say are worth a few minutes of your time, even if it's just to keep you entertained during your morning Muni commute.

1. The Product Podcast 

The Product Podcast

The Product Podcast comes out of Product School, an online education platform for product professionals.

Hosted by Carlos Gonzalez de Villaumbrosia, founder of Product School, the podcast interviews product leaders from Google, Facebook, Amazon, and dozens of other successful brands. It covers topics from career planning to pivoting a business.

Listen here:

2. Lenny's Podcast 

Lenny's Podcast

Lenny's Podcast, as you probably guessed, is hosted by a guy called Lenny. Lenny Rachitsky, to be specific, who once led product at Airbnb and now produces content in the form of a newsletter and this podcast.

Lenny interviews product leaders like Christian Idiodi, a partner at Silicon Valley Product Group, and grills them for tactical advice.

Listen here:

3. Masters of Scale 

Masters of Scale

Masters of Scale is a bit broader. Generally speaking, it's about business advice for making it in Silicon Valley.

Naturally, product management features heavily but even features such diverse guests as and Joe Biden.

Masters of Scale is hosted by Reid Hoffman, Co-Founder of LinkedIn.

Listen here:

4. How I Built This

How I Built This

How I Built This, hosted by Guy Raz — a podcast guy, not a product guy — interviews founders and leaders of all kinds of companies, from Liquid Death to Calendly, to find out, well, how they built it.

Listen here:

5. One Knight in Product 

One Knight in Product

One Knight in Product, one of few product management podcasts with a truly effective and creative name, is hosted by Jason Knight — the product expert, not the UFC fighter.

In it, Jason interviews industry leaders like Marty Cagan and April Dunford, and digs into topics related to UX, product design, product marketing, and delivery.

Listen here:

6. Lessons In Product Management 

Lessons In Product Management

Lessons In Product Management looks to bring real-life expertise from practitioners to aspiring product managers, bridging the gap between experience and desire.

Run by Path2Product, an online education pathway for those who want to carve out a career in product, Lessons In Product Management is hosted by John Fontenot, and covers territory like pricing, feature launches, and paths to becoming a PMM.

Listen here:

7. 100 PM 

100 PM

100 PM — which is weirdly only available on Apple Podcasts — interviews 100 different active product managers each year.

Suzanne Abate hosts it, and each episode looks at a specific top or function of product management. Recent examples include:

  • Proxy metrics
  • The DHM model
  • OKRs
  • Quarterly product strategy meetings 

Listen here:

8. The Product Manager 

The Product Manager

The Product Manager is less about product and more about product management.

Hosted by Hannah Clark, it covers topics like designing effective product management processes, managing career changes, and tools of the trade. 

Listen here:

9. Inside Intercom 

Inside Intercom

Inside Intercom is a podcast that, as you probably already picked up, from customer service solution Intercom.

The podcast shares some hard-won internal lessons and interesting insights, like the story beyond the Intercom notification sound.

Many of the podcast episodes also feature interviews with other product leaders from the likes of HubSpot, Synthesia, and IBM.

Listen here:

10. Launch N' Learn 

  • Who hosts it: TBD...launching soon!

Listen here:

  • Spotify: Coming soon.
  • Apple: Coming soon.

11. Product Hunt Radio 

Product Hunt Radio

Product Hunt Radio is the podcast that, rather clearly, is hosted by the team over at Product Hunt.

This one’s hosted by a duo — Ryan Hoover and Abadesi Osunsade — and interviews founders and product experts on topics like:

  • How to bounce back after a failure
  • Selecting fonts and common design pitfalls
  • Remote work and digital nomadism 

Listen here:

12. Awkward Silences 

Awkward Silences

Awkward Silences comes out of User Interviews, a platform for connecting researchers and participants, particularly in connection with product development research.

Awkward Silences focuses more on the design and UX side of product management, with topics like capturing and using qualitative data and designing generative AI.

It’s hosted by Erin May and JH Forster, two SVPs who work at the company.

Listen here:

13. Proof to Product 

Proof to Product

Proof to Product takes a somewhat different approach, focusing specifically on the wholesale industry — think products like apparel, stationery, and pet products.

Katie Hunt, the podcast’s host, also runs workshops on wholesaling products at her business of the same name.

Proof to Product talks about topics like whether or not to run monthly wholesale promotions, whether trade shows are still valuable, and how to expand into licensing.

Listen here:

14. Fearless Product Leadership 

Fearless Product Leadership

Fearless Product Leadership is two things:

  1. A consulting firm for helping product leaders perform better
  2. A podcast with the same goal

The Fearless Product Leadership podcast, hosted by Hope Gurion (the founder and coach at the consulting firm), looks at leadership topics like resource allocation, how to hire product managers, and product marketing interview questions.

Listen here:

15. The Product Experience 

The Product Experience

The Product Experience is the audio offering of Mind the Product, a business that runs conferences, offers training, and produces content for product designers, developers, and managers.

The two hosts, Lily Smith and Randy Silver, tackle themes like how to build great hardware products, people-first product leadership, and best practices for experimentation in product design.

Listen here:

16. Product Coalition Product Management Podcast 

Product Coalition Product Management Podcast

This one’s a bit of a mouthful. Bear with us.

Product Coalition Product Management Podcast comes from Jay Stansell, President of learning platform Find Your Grind.

The pod uses a variety of formats, from Q&As to conversations from live tours to one-on-one interviews with product leaders across ops, design, and product management.

Listen here:

17. Product Talk 

Product Talk

Product Talk is a podcast produced by Products That Count, a non-profit dedicated to accelerating the careers of product managers.

It’s hosted by VC Founder SC Moatti and covers topics like:

  • User-centric product strategies
  • Product leaders to watch
  • Scaling B2B product businesses 

Listen here:

18. DTC Podcast 

DTC Podcast

DTC Podcast is a weekly podcast that covers topics related to direct-to-consumer ecommerce brands.

For example, they recently covered how to advertise on Valentine’s day and the common mistakes they see with Amazon ads.

The pod has two hosts, Blaine Bolus, CX and GTM expert, and Ramon Berrios, CEO and entrepreneur. 

Listen here:

19. Product People

Product People

Product People is hosted by Justin Jackson, the co-founder of, a podcast publishing platform.

In it, Justin interviews leaders and founders about all things product.

Our favorite episode? SaaS pricing with Patrick Campbell, Founder of ProfitWell (now part of Paddle).

Side note: Product People is only available on Apple Podcasts. Sorry Spotifyers!

Listen here:

20. Product Chats

Product Chats

Product Chats comes from Canny, a customer feedback platform.

It’s hosted by Kayla Cytron-Thaler, Head of Sales turned podcast host at the company, and features conversations with software product leaders like Leo Gong, VP of Product at Apartment List.

Listen here:

21. Product Marketing Life 

Product Marketing Life

Product Marketing Life comes from Product Marketing Alliance, one of the biggest names in product marketing.

This podcast, hosted by senior PMM Mark Assini, digs into topics like selling in an AI-driven world and how to plan productive customer interviews.

Listen here:

22. covers broad ground, from entrepreneurship to A/B testing to the evolution of Nintendo.

The two co-hosts, Preston Lee and Clay Mosley, are themselves founders, sharing their lessons and insights about product management.

Listen here:

23. Product Thinking 

Product Thinking

Product Thinking is the audio offering from Melissa Perri, CEO and Founder of Product Institute, an online learning hub.

On this podcast, Melissa talks about leveling up product leadership, process optimization, and taking a step back to view the product organization as a broader system. 

Listen here:

24. This is Product Management 

This is Product Management

This is Product Management has a pretty obvious topic: product management.

Host Mike Fishbein (VC) interviews leaders from the likes of Twilio, Viable, and Ignition (yours truly) on best practices for experimentation, leadership, user research, and more.

Listen here:

25. BUILD with Blake Bartlett 

BUILD with Blake Bartlett

BUILD with Blake Bartlett is, surprise, surprise, hosted by Blake Bartlett, partner at VC firm OpenView.

In this podcast, you’ll hear from leaders of ProfitWell, Clearbit, Atlassian, Okta, and more about people, product, and growth.

Listen here:

Exploring these 25 product management podcasts offers insights from industry leaders and a variety of strategies and practical tips, potentially guiding you to your next source of inspiration and knowledge in the field. 

7 Podcast episodes featuring our CEO Derek Osgood 

Our very own CEO, Derek Osgood, has plenty to say about the state of product management today, so much so that he’s been invited on several product-related podcasts to give his take.

Here are seven of our favorite episodes featuring Derek as a guest.

1. Awkward Silences. #118- The Product Launch Playbook 

In this episode of Awkward Silences, Derek joins hosts Erin and JH to discuss why great product and marketing collaboration causes product adoption and how the best brands get that collaboration right.

Check out the episode here:

2. DTC POD. #274: How To Build an Effective Launch Strategy

Number 18 on our above list also featured Derek, this time to dive into the fundamentals of launching a product in different kinds of companies as well as the importance of internal marketing and comms.

Check out the episode here:

3. Lessons In Product Management. 5 Key Elements of Successful Product Launches

Another episode on product launches here. In his guest appearance on Lessons In Product Management, Derek shares five specific and actionable tips for creating launch success.

We’ll let you discover them for yourself.

Check out the episode here:

4. This is Product Management. Go-to-Market Collaboration is Product Management

Our fourth podcast featuring Derek dives into the need for effective collaboration between GTM and product teams and how to create more effective product roadmaps to improve handoff from product to GTM.

Check out the episode here:

5. One Knight in Product. The Importance of Getting Your Product Launches Right

Seems like a rather obvious topic, but this episode dives deep into what a good launch looks like and the impact of proper launch planning.

Check out the episode here:

6. Product Marketing Life. Proactively improving your go-to-market function

In this deep dive (nearly an hour) into GTM improvements, Derek discussed how GTM as a function of product is often misconstrued and how Ignition helps address the issues product teams face in connecting with revenue.

Check out the episode here:

7. The Product Experience. Product Launches.

One more episode on launching products — you’ll be an expert on the matter after hearing these seven podcast episodes.

In this appearance, Derek outlines the key components that make for an effective product launch.

Check out the episode here:

These seven episodes with our CEO, Derek Osgood, give you expert tips to improve your projects and help you better understand product management.

From product management podcast consumer to product expert

Podcasts are a seriously effective way to improve your skills as a product professional.

The 25 podcasts listed above are our pick of the bunch, though we’d, of course, recommend starting with the seven episodes featuring our CEO Derek for some deep dives into how to successfully launch new products and features and the importance of GTM and product alignment.

Did that last point hit a nerve?

Head here to find out what to do about it: 5 Signs Your Product, Marketing, and Sales Teams Aren’t Aligned (and How to Fix It).